Photography Checklist


The listings of different pictures are examples of the many types that will be taken on your special day.  We understand that there may be some Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Formal and Reception Pictures not listed below that you might want to be included.  If so, please use the space provided below to include any picture poses that you would like.  Each Picture taken will include an additional Picture shot to insure quality.  Remember you receive ALL DIGITAL NEGAVITES.


Pre-Ceremony Pictures:


__ Invitation over the flowers


__ Bride alone


__ Bride & Father


__ Bride & Mother


__ Bride & Parents


__ Bride with Bridesmaids


__ Bride posed to leave for Ceremony


Ceremony Pictures:


__ Groom & Best Man


__ Bride being escorted up the aisle


__ Bride & Groom exchanging vows and rings


__ Bride & Groom kissing


__ Bride & Groom walking down the aisle


__ Bride & Groom exiting the church


__ Bride & Groom Posed at the limousine




Formal Pictures:


__ Bride & Groom with the bride’s parents


__ Bride & Groom with the bride’s parents, siblings, spouses & extended family


__ Bride & Groom with bride’s grandparents


__ Bride & Groom with groom’s parents


__ Bride & Groom with groom’s parents, siblings, spouses & extended family


__ Bride & Groom with groom’s grandparents


__ Bride & Groom with the entire bridal party


__ Bride, Bridesmaids, and flower girl


__ Groom, Ushers, and ring bearer


__ Bride alone


__ Groom alone


__ Bride and Groom



Reception Pictures:


__ Bridal Party Being announced


__ Bride and Groom being announced


__ Best Man with the toast


__ Bride and Groom toasting each other


__ Bride and Groom’s first dance


__ Bride and Father’s dance


__ Groom and Mother’s dance


__ Bride and Groom feeding each other the cake


__ Groom removing the garter from the bride


__ Bride throwing the bouquet


__ Groom throwing the garter


__ Winner’s of the bouquet and garter toss


__ Bride and Groom’s hands over the flowers with wedding rings (Ring shot)


__ Good Bye Picture


Please list any other pictures that are not listed:



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